Welcome to SpyByte!

We specialize in performing technical and physical security assessments, including tradtional penetration testing and specialized blended threat assessments. Our goal is to help our clients identify weaknesses in their security posture by applying a multi-layered threat approach to targeting information. With a direct focus on protecting and defending critical assets, this approach helps businesses assess, implement, and manage security effectively.

Most security experts agree that people are the weakest link in the security chain. Why would a thief risk detection and "hack" into your protected areas, when he could easily obtain such information by utilizing surveillance, covert intelligence or other proven methods? We aim to help your business develop the "other side" of information security: your physical and human controls.

SpyByte acts as a savvy intruder, utilizing intelligence based techniques tailored to the clients environment in its attempts to bypass physical and technical controls, acquire protected information, or generate a desired user action. You may be surprised at how easily SpyByte can breach your security and uncover confidential information or trade secrets.

SpyByte takes threat assessments and penetration testing a step further to impersonate a real attack. We attempt to gain access to your sensitive information in ways you have not protected against - yet. After we show you our results, we will teach you and your employees how to protect against these threats that can be devastating to a business.

We are dedicated to helping our clients secure their trade secrets and other sensitive information.